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Bed Covers and Bed Protection, Dripping Springs, TX

Bed Covers and Bed Protection Installation

Thor Offroad will help you choose the best bed cover for your needs and your budget.  When looking for a bed cover you have a lot of choices: rolling, folding, retractable, tonneau, plastic and aluminum.  Don’t worry we will help you find the right one, with brands like Bakflip, Xtang, Weathertech and Retrax.  

Rolling Bed Covers

Rolling covers are usually the least expensive covers but very functional.  With a great ability of keeping the elements out, rolling covers can provide a dry bed when rain comes pouring in.  Extang offers the Revolution and Express Tonno.  WeatherTech offers a roll up bed cover as well.  Bakflip offers the Revolver X4 and has the highest rating with a patented aluminum slatted design it not only offers the weather protection of a soft rolling bed cover but the support of the slats make it the most durable and strongest on the market

Folding Bed Covers

Folding bed covers are very popular and don’t break the bank.  Brands like Extang with the Solid Fold 2.0 and Trifecta Models.  Bakflip has been the industry leader in folding bed covers for years and makes an exceptional folding Bed Cover.  As folding covers provide more structure than a rolling cover, they do have their pros and cons.  Folding covers provide excellent protection for bed contents when closed and the tailgate locked.  When open they can block some view through the rear facing mirror.  But they will allow you to use the entire bed as they fold completely out of the way and allow full use.  

Retractable Bed Covers

When it comes to retractable bed covers you definitely get what you pay for.  Retrax Bed Covers are the industry leader in durability, function, security and no hassle warranty in the event you break something on this robust Bed Cover.  Retrax Pro is our go to retractable bed cover for numerous reasons.  One, its ability to be locked in infinite positions makes it functional for people who have items in the bed that need to be secured during travel.  Two, the handle position to maneuver the bed cover is strategically placed so the user can simply roll the cover closed or open with ease.  Rolling on sealed bearings and not nylon bushings allow for extreme use and long term durability.  Three it locks and it provides the best protection for your personal items in the bed when unsupervised.  Last, the design of the Retrax Pro Bed Cover allows the cover to roll into a canister where it does not roll onto itself.  This means it will not wear or lose its coating from excess use.  This cover is durable and will last longer than any other bed cover on the market.  See our video for a demonstration and more information.