Bumpers & Grill Guards

Bumpers and Grill Guards in Dripping Springs, TX

Bumpers, Front and Rear Protection at Thor Offroad

Front HD Bumpers

At Thor Offroad we have your Front and Rear End covered. Providing a selection of bumpers from: Ranchhand, BodyGuard, Trail Ready, BuckStop, CBI, ARB, Addictive Desert Design, Road Armor, AEV, CJC Bumpers and Hammerhead. These and more will give anyone looking to make their truck personalized and provide the right functionality, Style and Protection you need. Factory bumpers are normally made with thin sheet metal and provide little protection. With all of the activities we use our rigs for there is always a bumper that adds to the functionality of that truck. We take pride in making sure we find the right bumper for the right rig and make it look amazing. Thor Offroad is your bumper headquarters when you need something that makes your truck work for you.

Custom Bumper Options and Style

Looking to make your bumper more of a statement, ask one of us to help. Customized bumpers are something we don’t take lightly. Some of us need function, some of us need style, Some just need protection. Here at Thor Offroad, we can get you the bumper that is right for you. Options on bumpers range from, additional lighting, tire carriers, winch capabilities and tow points. Custom options like color match powder coat or painting for style and functional fabrication for special needs. We will find the right bumper for you at Thor Offroad.