Carli Suspension, Dripping Springs, TX

Your Carli Suspension Headquarters in Texas!!!

When it comes to Suspension companies that spend time on making a System that not only looks great but also outperforms everyone, Carli suspension is the leader in suspension upgrades for your Ram 1500, Ram HD 2500,  Ram 3500, Ford F250 or F350 and Jeep JK.


Carli Suspension provides suspension packages that will make your daily driver or Pavement Princess ride like a dream.  With packages like the Commuter Kit with Fox Performance Series shocks or, the best all-around Backcountry Kit with Fox Reservoir 2.0 shocks that have custom valving to match up with spring rates of the replacement springs in these packages. Both kits will transform your truck to a Daily Driver you can depend on in any condition.

For the truck that needs Off Road and On Road ability with unparalleled performance Carli Suspension has utilized King Shocks to create the Off Road purpose built Suspension Package in their King 2.5 Pintop System and King 3.0 Dominator System that will exceed your expectations in every way.  


Features and Extras

Carli Suspension has also designed a lot of Suspension upgrades that will provide additional improvement to your truck and help you customize the needs for you.  The Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar is a must for the off road user and anyone who wants to feel an independent ride with a solid axle truck.  Installing the torsion sway bar, specifically designed for your truck, will allow the front axle to traverse uneven ground without spilling you coffee.  Move through bumps that would normally shift you in your seat with ease and provide the comfort that only Carli Suspension Customers know exists. 


Want to push the limits? Carli Suspension provides Fabricated Radius Arms and Control Arms that will not only enhance the look of your truck but will make it tougher than ever.  The Fabricated Arms are built to take abuse and with serviceable joints it will last longer than your truck will. With other features in mind like geometry correction along with additional caster, these Fabricated Arms will provide you a more drivable, more room for tire clearance and extreme durability.

Towing Something? 

Not to worry, Carli Suspension has you covered there too.  With Long Travel Air Bags specifically designed to work with Carli Suspension kits you can have a Cushy riding Off-Road beast of a truck that can still get work done.  These Carli Suspension Long Travel Air Bags are some of the best on the market and provide support when towing without losing the uptravel and downtravel of the Suspension System.  These are simply the best answer for the truck owner that wants the best of both worlds.  Work hard, Play hard!!

Want the ultimate ride quality out of your Carli Suspension System, Full Progressive Leaf Packs will make that possible.  Most Suspension kits from almost all manufacturers will utilize a block to provide rear lift.  Well not Carli Suspension.  With a Progressive Add-A-Pack and the Full Progressive Leaf Pack options, even the factory block is relieved of duty making the rear suspension planted with authority. By eliminating the block, Carli Suspension is making the rear leaf spring do what it is designed to do without the need of a spacing block.  The Full Progressive Leaf Packs not only provide stability, but with a 100% progressive design the suspension will work smoothly through the entire wheel travel.  Being able to move smoothly and consistently is what makes the upgrade take your Suspension to a whole other level of performance.  Built with the offroad guy in mind these springs will make any truck ride like a cadillac!!  (Rear Full Progressive Springs not recommended for leveling or Commuter kits)

Why Carli Suspension?

With so many options and levels of suspension, you can customize the kit that is right for you based on the conditions you drive in, the way you want the truck to perform and the look you want.  Utilizing dampers and shocks from industry leaders like King Shocks and Fox Shocks the ride quality improvement will be beyond anything else on the market.  Pairing these custom valved shocks with Springs that provide a 100% progressive rate allows the suspension to move freely through the entire wheel travel.  Carli Suspension provides all the parts to accommodate these great shocks by designing their replacement parts to by keeping geometry correct, performance enhanced and durability even for the harshest of conditions.  Built around the idea of high speed offroad their parts are an exponential upgrade from factory parts.  So if you are looking for a suspension system that will exceed your expectations in nearly every way, consider one of their kits for your truck.  We, at THOR OFFROAD, are here to help guide you along the way, we have been a dealer and installer of Carli Suspension products for many years and can help you choose what is right for you! 512-964-4467